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Flicker’s Australia P/L

Flicker’s Australia is a developer and supplier of world-class textiles and inter-related value added services. The company was established in the 1950’s and was known as Worsted Finishers Australia Pty Ltd. In 1975 Mr. Harry Flicker acquired the business, which thereafter was named Flicker’s Australia. It was diversified as the predominately commission dyehouse developed into a multi-faceted organization, offering a full range of services to knit, dye, finish and yardage print especially for the clothing and other industries. The Main fabrics are made from 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Polyester/Cotton blends, Nylon. Flickers specialise in circular fabrics including sportswear, active wear, underwear, outerwear, fashion wears, and safety/protective wear. We specialize in innovative designed fabric from basic and semi-basic yarn.

Today Flicker’s Australia excels in a fiercely competitive market. By realising key elements for success, Flicker’s developed a focus on all aspects of manufacturing, from the purchasing of yarns right through the processing chain to customer satisfaction. Determining the needs and wants of our customers has become a benchmark in our operating processes.

We are a forward thinking organization that also possesses the ability to work and think laterally.

Flicker’s Vision Statement

Flicker’s stands for:

  • First in Quality and Service.
  • Leaders in our Industry.
  • Innovative and Internationally Competitive.
  • Customer Focused.
  • Keeping Employees Motivated.
  • Environmentally Conscious.
  • Responsible and Reliable.
  • Success through Teamwork.

Flicker’s Australia is a developer and supplier of World-class textiles and inter-related value added services.

Our primary customers are garment manufacturers to whom we will meet or exceed their expectations in quality, value and quick response.

Our ultimate responsibility is to all our stakeholders, adequate return on investment to shareholders, commitment to long-term relationships with our suppliers and accountability to the community through environment consciousness and good corporate citizenship. We have ISO 9002 quality accreditations and we are participants in the Australian Governments Greenhouse challenge project.

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