Jokaroom Casino – Australia’s foremost casino

Jokaroom Casino is a completely different casino that offers a gaming environment to gamers looking for excitement. The jokaroom website has a section called “The Book of Kabuna” where you can read the history of Jokaroom. Kaboo’s story is accompanied by an ancient prophecy that tells the enlightened that they must emerge from the shadows and bring the world into balance. It also governs happiness as well as faith.

This prophecy is found in a book that the Bolean Brotherhood has been hiding until now. Jokaroom Casino is also associated with so-called echoes and aids called lenses. Read more about echoes in the bonus section. Now you can forget about all that other gooseberry stuff.

Jokaroom Casino Bonuses and Benefits

Despite its peculiarity, Jokaroom Casino has turned its new players into a perfectly normal welcome package with a €200 deposit bonus and 100 free spins . Specifically, it’s marketed so that you get a deposit bonus as well as something called “Echoes.” These echoes correspond to free one-on-one spins. When you create an account, you earn 5 echoes with no deposit, but you need at least 10 echoes to redeem your echoes for free spins.

You can earn Jokaroom Casino by completing various Jokaroom Casino missions. Learn more about them in the “Jokaroom Casino – Missions” section. Jokaroom Casino’s welcome bonus is split between your first two deposits. Of the five Echos you earn right out of the box, there is no point without at least one deposit.

Jokaroom Casino – Tasks.

Jokaroom Casino has put most of its bonuses into missions. By creating an account at Jokaroom Casino, you will be able to complete tasks. The first level shows four (4) different tasks as soon as you open an account. The first welcome task is to make a minimum deposit of 20 euros. This is where you will get 50 echos. The second task is also a deposit task, and you have to deposit 100 euros. For this you will receive 10 additional echoes. You do not need to deposit the whole amount at once.

There is a clock on the task page that is constantly counting down. This clock shows how much time you have to complete the tasks before the counters are reset. The third task is a gaming task. Play games for 500 euros at Jokaroom Casino and get 5 echoes.

The last of the Level 1 tasks is the so-called Explore Mission, in which you need to collect 2 bonus rounds in the series games and get 5 echoes. For this mission, four different games are given in which you can try to get bonus rounds.

Jokaroom Casino – Customer Service

Jokaroom Casino’s customer support team will help you with all your gaming needs in English every day of the year. Live chat is by far the easiest way to get help. You will find the chat in the bottom left corner of the page.

You can follow Jokaroom Casino and chat with Jokaroom Casino on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. There are currently 9 images on Jokaroom Casino Instagram with a gambling theme.

There are many different ways to make a deposit with Jokaroom Casino. Classic credit cards are one-way. Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are used. Neteller and Skrill are among the online wallets.

The minimum deposit at Jokaroom Casino is 10 euros. You have a bank transfer for withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal is 20 euros. There is no maximum amount for withdrawal.

Jokaroom Casino – Summary.

Jokaroom Casino is a completely different online casino. It looks a lot like a computer game and maybe that’s why the online casino is a bit confusing for the signer. A big plus is the welcome bonus, which doubles your first two deposits up to €100. On top of that, there will only be 100 echos, which is a version of Jokaroom Casino tokens that you can switch to free spins at a ratio of 1: 1. Jokaroom Casino is worth a try, though, perhaps for the welcome bonus.

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